Sunday, June 21, 2009

I love winter fashion

There is something about the amazing warmth of a good quality scarf. Or tying that coat a little tighter around you, pulling a beautiful hat over an immaculate hairstyle and stepping down the street in your favourite pair of boots.

So, send me pics of your favourite hats, scarves, boots and gloves to @missannajane on twitter, or search Anna Jane Wilson on facebook. I will create an email account for pics to be sent to eventually.

I want to promote NZ winter fashion primarily- glorious designers like kilt.

I want to promote fantastic little independent shops like The Hat Shop on High Street, Christchurch.

I want to promote great fashion blogs like the wonderful prettyx3 and The Glamourous Grad Student

New Zealand has some amazing looking people. Let's get dressed up and embrace our beauty and diversity!


  1. You need to grab that photo of me from Kylie!

  2. I need to grab a photo of you in your delightful purple coat!!

  3. It IS a photo of me in my delightful purple coat and hat and scarf that Kylie has!