Sunday, July 5, 2009

The kids aren't alright

I can't think of anything cuter than a lovely face in an animal hat. Especially playing indie music.

Knit or sew your own.

Cute animal hats from the streets of Seoul

Somewhat elegant, albeit rather ridiculous "Black Bunny, Hidden Dragon".

I really, really want an adult sized kitty hat Will someone crochet me one?

This bear hat is too cute for words.

Even babies are cuter in monkey or frog hats.

Cute crafty creatures in general

Shout out to Indie Galore's Stuffed Animal blogposts


  1. i like the baby in the pink monkey hat :) I want one :D

  2. yeah a baby, for an hour or so, would be alright. *If* I can give it back.

  3. no not the baby LOL - i want the hat ;-)

  4. @hadyngreen's lovely girlfriend Amy can crochet so can my mum - maybe they can make you one?

  5. I love these hats!

    Check out this site where you can get tons like them: